7 Reasons Why Oscar Hunt's Custom Suits Lead Sydney in Sustainable Fashion

There’s more to a custom tailored suit in Sydney than meets the eye. And that’s particularly the case when it comes to Oscar Hunt (although, we’ll admit, we’re a little biased on that front).


In all seriousness though, when it comes to custom suits, the benefits go well beyond the expected and perhaps the most surprising is just how sustainable these garments are.


Here, we dive into the seven top reasons that Oscar Hunt leads the way on this front.

Let’s dive in!

1. Timeless Style

First and foremost is the classic nature of Oscar Hunt’s tailored suits. Deliberately versatile and inspired by time honoured silhouettes, our pieces are specifically designed to transcend seasonal trends. Our hope is that these are garments that will be with you for years, growing better with age.

 2. Durability

Closely tied to this is the hard-wearing nature of our pieces. Whether it be a men’s or women’s suit, we understand the wear and tear that these garments need to endure throughout a busy work week and we construct them with this in mind.

3. Quality Construction 

Our team of experts has a nearly obsessive level of attention to detail that ensures our custom suits are thoroughly examined before you even try them on. This means that literally no thread is left unchecked and you can be assured of the highest level of quality in finish and craft.

4. Fit 

One of the other unsung benefits of custom tailoring is that each piece is constructed to not only fit but to move with you. In doing so, it prevents the fabric from clinging to the body and ensures even wear on the fabric. This ultimately extends the lifespan of the garment.

5. In-house Tailoring 

We understand that bodies change over time. And to accommodate this, we have in-house tailors who are always on hand to alter, adapt and refresh your Oscar Hunt pieces.

 6. Supply Chain

At Oscar Hunt, we pride ourselves on working with only the very best fabric suppliers and this applies not only to the quality of the cloth itself but also the conditions under which said cloth is created. This results in limited supplies, ensuring that wastage is kept to a minimum.

 7. Capsule Dressing

Finally, every piece from Oscar Hunt is intended to be cumulative; a puzzle piece that can seamlessly fit into a broader wardrobe. This maximises the versatility of every garment, making for highly sustainable fashion.

If you’re curious about what an investment in a custom suit in Sydney really yields, you can learn more here.