A woman’s guide to wearing suits from desk to dinner

While known for many things, ‘versatility’ is probably not the word that immediately springs to mind when you hear ‘women's suits. And that’s because it’s an ensemble that is still shaking off a fashion hangover.

Unlike the chic ‘le smoking’ style that originated in France, womens tailored suits in Australia had a far less auspicious start, predominantly popularised by high-street chains that - whilst having the best of intentions - didn’t tailor with a woman’s body in mind.

Thankfully a lot has changed and that’s where we fit in. Designed by women for women, the Oscar Hunt women’s range is built with equal parts style, comfort and durability in mind. To put it to the test, we’re going to walk you through exactly how our signature two-piece can take from dawn until dusk (and later).

At the desk

For many of us, the day is likely to start with a commute and whether it’s trundling from your bedroom to your home office, jumping on public transport or slipping into the back of a cab, it sets the tone for everything that’s yet to come.

With this in mind, we create garments that are made to move and our straight leg trousers with a long line jacket is the epitome of this approach. Constructed based on your unique measurements, we ensure that the pieces both flatter your silhouette and allow you to get about your day with minimal hassle.

From a styling perspective, this also means that they are equally as at home paired with a silk blouse and heels as they are with sneakers and a tee. As we approach warmer weather, we here at HQ are also heavily invested in the combination of a chunky sandal with a wider legged pant. Entirely appropriate for the office while also embodying a more laid back approach.

Of course, with made-to-measure women’s suits, the fabric in question is completely up to you as well. For Spring and Summer though, nothing beats a linen silk blend - elegant without the additional crumples of pure linen - this is a fabric that’ll serve you well in most environments.

At a dinner

While for many an after work dinner engagement might prompt an outfit change, the Oscar Hunt range is built to go the distance. Whether you stay exactly as you are, switch out your shirt for a bandeau or simply add some statement jewellery, our MTM women’s suits are a seriously versatile canvas.

And this extends to fancier affairs as well. In this instance, you might opt for a cloth that has a hint of sheen to it as this will pick up lighting in the evening and add an extra layer of panache to your ensemble.

Of course, it’s also worth remembering that all of our pieces are made to mix and match. Perhaps you decide to opt for keeping the tailored trousers and losing the jacket or vice versa - the world’s your oyster.

To discover the true versatility of the Oscar Hunt women’s collection, swing by your local showroom today.