Comfort meets style for Spring: Office looks that blend fashion and function

As the weather starts to mellow, we invariably start dreaming about warmer days and the wardrobes that will match it.

While for the lucky few, that might mean variations on resort wear, destined for sunny locales, for most, it’ll be business as usual. However, just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t suitably reflect the season in the clothes you're wearing.

This week, we provide the Oscar Hunt no nonsense guide to warmer weather work and business suits that are destined to put a spring in your step (we know, we know - we couldn’t help ourselves.)

Business suiting for Spring

For those who are back at it in the office on a semi-regular cadence, Spring represents the ideal time to inject some extra personality into your traditional corporate suiting choices. Starting with the foundations, it might be that you introduce some patterns to your tailoring collection, opting for a statement - yet timeless - style like a windowpane check or a pin stripe. While subtle, these patterns can break up the monotony of navy, black and charcoal and even lend themselves to being worn as separates.

Outside of the standard two-piece suit, you can also experiment with shirting and accessories.

In shirts, why not trial a slightly bolder stripe in a pink or pale blue? This can look particularly eye-catching when paired with a navy suit and adds additional oomph to the otherwise standard office combination.

In terms of accessories, we’re advocates for the humble pocket square. Elegant both with or without a necktie, it invariably adds an element of finesse to your overall ensemble and is an opportunity to show sartorial flare in even the most corporate of environments. Our pick of the season? Paisley in bright colours like pink, green or blue.

Casual Fridays

We’re well aware that standard office wear has evolved significantly over the past few years, with many shedding the traditional corporate suit in favour of something more casual. If this applies to you, there are a few options we generally recommend.

The first is opting for a more casual style of suit. This generally means a less tailored style of construction, either half-lined or completely without lining, making it easy to wear either with a button-down or a tee. From a colour perspective, we favour neutral colours like sand or sage that further separate the garment from more traditional suiting.

The second option in our wheelhouse is a blazer with chinos. The epitome of versatility, blazers pair just as well with more formal trousers as they do with jeans and also afford you the opportunity to experiment with bolder colours and patterns. In honour of the season, why not explore a cream jacket with a blue pin stripe to really up the ante?

Breathable fabrics for the season

Regardless of what kind of Spring suit you’re in the market for, our team of experts are always happy to recommend the ideal fabric - and style - for you.

To explore the range for yourself, we invite you to make an appointment for a consultation today.