Fabric Focus: Understanding the Materials that Make Perfect Trousers

Fabric is by far the most important - and least recognised or understood - component of men’s tailored pants. Choose the right kind, and the trousers will fall correctly, have a sense of balance and feel comfortable to wear. Choose wrong, and your whole ensemble can feel, well, a little off.


Here, we give you the Oscar Hunt guide to choosing the right trouser fabric for specific occasions, from the office to the dancefloor, as well as offering advice on how you can get the most life out of your suit pants.


For business attire, our team almost universally points towards one fabric: wool. Inarguably the best fabric for suit trousers that will be exposed to everyday wear, wool is both durable, stylish and has the dual benefit of drawing moisture away from the skin during the Summer while also keeping you cosy over the cooler months.


A key point to note when looking at different wools is the density of the weave. Finer fabrics - while beautiful - tend to wear faster than coarser weaves. For a suit that you’ll wear multiple times a week, we generally recommend looking for a cloth that comes in a Super 110. While no suit should be worn every single day of the week, this is a robust option that - provided it’s cared for well - will stand the test of time.


Casual dress codes naturally invite different types of trouser fabrics that range from the more understated - think cotton or linen - to the bold - corduroy or tweed. From an Oscar Hunt perspective, choosing the right cloth ultimately comes down to a combination of personal taste and what the pants are likely to be used for.


If you’re looking at wearing the trousers as separates - think chinos - it can be a terrific opportunity to experiment with some slightly more eye-catching options. One of our personal favourites from a previous collection was a warm-hued corduroy that had a beautiful way of catching the light. When paired with a cream coloured shirt and a brown blazer, this made for the perfect run about ensemble.


When it comes to formalwear you want both elegant and - crucially - comfortable trouser fabrics. Given formal garments are worn infrequently, this can be the perfect opportunity to explore finer blended fabrics such as wool and cashmere or mohair. Both of these options have a lustrous finish that is a perfect means of elevating a more day-to-day style of suit.


Helpfully, they also have a degree of natural give, ensuring that there’s unlikely to be any ripped trouser seats if you’re a little too vigorous on the dance floor.


Oscar Hunt is proud to be a one stop shop when it comes to buying high-quality trouser fabrics in Australia. To discover our full range, swing on by a showroom today.