From classic to modern: Three ways to fold a pocket square for any occasion

The humble pocket square is one of the most effective - and, ironically, underused - accessories in the contemporary wardrobe. Capable of tying together an entire look or elevating an otherwise staid ensemble to something altogether more eye-catching, it’s a veritable swiss army knife when used correctly.

The reason why it’s not embraced more wholeheartedly? The fold.

Ask most wearers of tailored jackets and they’ll admit to loving the idea of a pocket square but are less convinced that they possess the sartorial know-how to fashion it into something visually appealing.

This week, we’re going to rectify those concerns, offering guidance on the three styles you should know, running the full gauntlet from classic to modern pocket square folds. Let’s get into it!

The Presidential Fold

Adored by style icons as diverse as James Bond and JFK, the presidential fold is a simple but effective means of elevating an everyday jacket. Defined by a single strip of fabric emerging from the breast pocket, the art in this fold is in keeping it neat.

At Oscar Hunt we generally like to start by folding the fabric in half and then in thirds to avoid having any raw edges of fabric showing when it’s tucked into the pocket. Best achieved with slightly starchier fabrics, cotton can be an excellent entry level option that maintains its crispness over the course of the day.

The Triple Peak

Slightly more showy than its presidential cousin, the triple peak is an excellent fold for slightly more celebratory events. From cocktail parties to weddings, it’s the perfect means of injecting added personality into your ensemble.

To achieve this fold does take some practice though. Start by folding the pocket square in half diagonally and then pleat the top layer of fabric three times, thereby achieving the three layers of peaks. Next, fold the triangle in half again, holding the pleats in place as you do so. This should result in an upwards facing triangle shape. To fit into your pocket, simply fold under the outside points of the triangle and stretch or bunch the fold as much or as little as needed to fill out the width of the breast pocket.

The Peacock Fold

Both decidedly foppish and a personal favourite of ours, the peacock is ideal for more complicated patterns and prints as it’s able to simultaneously showcase multiple parts of the pocket square by mixing them together through a twisting motion.

While complicated looking, this style is remarkably easy to achieve. Start by laying the pocket square down on a flat surface and then pick it up from the centre. As you do so, wring the fabric, twisting it as you do so. Then, simply create a loop with the end from which you picked the pocket square up. You should be left with a rough circle and the four corners sticking out. To finish, insert the centre end in your pocket, fanning the pleats across the breadth of the opening and tweak the four corners as needed.

Inspired to dabble in pocket squares?

Whether you’re looking for a quick tutorial from the team or need advice on matching pocket squares with suits and ties, our team is on hand and ready to assist. To discover our range for yourself, swing by a showroom today.