From fabric to fit: tips for finding a skilled tailor for the perfect suit

When it comes to investing in a tailored suit, it’s important to know the craftsperson behind the details is worth their salt. And that’s where we come in. To choose the ultimate tailor for you, we give you three cardinal rules that we live by.

Let’s jump in!

Experience is everything

For the uninitiated, going to a tailor can be a daunting experience but that’s no reason not to ask for evidence of both their training and expertise. Asking for a background of both the tailor’s training and the businesses that they’ve worked for can be a useful tool in understanding the quality and style of work that they naturally lean toward.

It can also be worth asking for an indication of the tailor’s house style. This varies from brand to brand and can give you a clear sense of the style that you are likely to end up with. For example, if you are looking for a relaxed Neapolitan style suit, you are best to err away from a more British style of tailoring which generally favours a stiffer construction - particularly evident through canvassing and cording on the shoulders.

In established tailoring houses, there will most likely be a range of styles to try on for size and this can also assist in deciding if the tailor is for you.

Tailoring that works for you

Second to the style itself is the more practical element of time and fittings required. At Oscar Hunt, a made-to-measure suit generally requires no more than 3 appointments over the course of 7-9 weeks (at a maximum) and these appointments can be scheduled ahead of time to ensure they work around your schedule.

In a similar vein, fittings are open to rescheduling in order to maximise flexibility and we also offer an infinite number of fittings to ensure that the final result is perfect.

The devil is in the detail

It’s rare that a tailored garment will be perfect on the first fitting so don’t be shy about asking questions and for the guidance of your tailor. After all, one of the many benefits of made-to-measure is that it can be altered to suit both your body and taste.

That considered, before embarking upon a garment, it’s also worth ensuring that the brand has a flexible policy when it comes to the number of fittings alongside a warranty on the garment itself.

To learn more about the made-to-measure process, give us a bell or swing by your local showroom today.