How To Dress For Video Conferencing

To state the ridiculously obvious, this pandemic has changed the way that we communicate with each other in a professional context. Zoom has exploded, as have many other video conferencing platforms. Talking to your colleagues in a small, gridded frame with the difficulties of timing your moment to talk as well as the odd pet/child/partner unexpectedly appearing in the background has become the norm. However our ability to negotiate the new Zoom dress code has not been as simple.

We asked Wei, our Creative Director, to give us his top 5 video conferencing looks, in no particular order, for every day of the working week. Think relaxed yet thoughtful, quality without fuss and comfort while not compromising on style. Enjoy.

Day 1 - Brown on brown

I'm a brown fiend if you didn't know. Here I'm wearing a chocolate brown merino wool shirt with a mid brown gabardine cotton jacket. It's less conventional than navy and clean-cut with a non-corporate vibe and down-to-earthy-tones.

Day 3 - Charcoal corduroy

I think everyone should have a corduroy jacket - period. Corduroy and tailoring is a great juxtaposition. Worn here with a relaxed t-shirt and matching facemask to replace a pocket square.

Day 4 - Grey fresco

Here I'm wearing a very business style jacket with a less business style shirt. There's always something subtle that you can tweak to make your look more appropriate. This shirt is a cashmere blend with a Mandarin collar. This takes away any seriousness (that I've always lacked).

Day 5 - Denim shirt

A soft denim shirt is another essential in the wardrobe. You can wear it with almost any jacket. Denim has its own connotations for different people, though I think it's effective when worn with something sleek. Hiding behind a mug is another essential for all Zoom calls.

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