Layer Up

The cold weather, despite taking a back seat to far more pressing issues in the world at present, is well and truly here. For us at Oscar Hunt, the colder months is a time to embrace. Winter means layering, accessories and experimenting with colour, patterns and design. It also means that the overcoat comes out of hibernation and has its time in the sun (or the rain).

The overcoat is an investment piece. Unlike shirts or suits, you don’t need to necessarily (although you can) own more than one or two. It is a piece that can be worn casually or formally. You can dress it up or dress it down. They are incredibly versatile and they will last for years. Most importantly they are incredibly practical, keeping you warm and comfortable in the cooler months.

This winter we have put together a collection of fabrics that are a little bit different from years gone by. Whilst we still have all of the classic staples (navy, charcoal and camel) we have put together a collection of slightly lighter weights (that can therefore be worn for a larger portion of the year) as well as tailoring them with less structure (once again to take away from the overall weight of the coat).

In terms of the fabrics themselves we have chosen cloths that are subtle in their design– think herringbone, birds eye and heavy twill weaves. We have light browns, greys and rich blues in these designs that are extremely intricate and interesting. The beauty of this combination is that overcoats in these fabrics are extremely versatile while maintaining their uniqueness.

If you would like to view the collection first-hand or invest in one of these timeless pieces please book a fitting via the link below.