MTM Tuxedos: A Classy Choice for These 3 Reasons

For the contemporary Australian man, there is no more iconic wardrobe staple - perhaps beside the humble RM Williams boot - than a custom tuxedo.

As Broadsheet recently reported, made-to-measure suits are booming: elegant, understated and undeniably suave, they are garments that speak to an elevated sense of style and nothing epitomises this more than a tux.

The above considered, we also get it: it’s a staple that comes at a cost. And while that’s true, there are several reasons as to why a custom dinner suit is worth every cent. Here, we unpack them so you can make an informed purchase.

A tuxedo on your terms

The first - and perhaps most obvious - benefit of a made-to-measure tuxedo is that you have editorial control over every last element. From the fabric, to the silhouette, to the finishing details, no detail gets locked in without your say.

While the Oscar Hunt team is always on hand to provide advice on tuxedo fashion trends and recommended fabrics, it’s you who gets the final call. This ultimately means no making do with a suit that’s ‘ok’ or putting up with styling details that aren’t quite you.

Fitted for you:

On the more practical side of the equation, a customised tux is also based on a set of your unique measurements. During the initial fitting appointment, one of our experts will take dozens of measurements that are then used to customise a completely personalised pattern.

We also then take the time and effort - over two more fittings - to ensure that everything fits to perfection. With in-house tailors on site, adjustments and tweaks are done promptly and we don’t rest until it’s right.

A black-tie experience:

Finally, we’re firm believers that buying a suit is about so much more than the final garment you walk away with… it’s also about the experience. At Oscar Hunt, we’ve curated showrooms that are oases of calm in cities that are anything but.

This is for two reasons. The first is to ensure that you can enter a relaxed atmosphere where you can make a measured call on exactly what kind of garment you’d like to create with us. And the second is so that you can truly enjoy the process. From spacious room-size fitting suites to our signature in-house bars (stocked with some of the nation’s most iconic tipples) we invite you to come in, sit back and enjoy the ride.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop. That means once you have your final tuxedo ready, we’ve also got a selection of tuxedo accessories and footwear on offer so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

If you’re tossing up the pros and cons of a made-to-measure tux, why not pop in and discuss it with the team? Give us a bell or simply swing by a showroom that’s convenient for you.