Oscar Hunt Limited: V

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Oscar Hunt Limited

The Oscar Limited is a series of one time unique offers for Oscar Hunt garments constructed using our premium fabrics. For this edition of the Oscar Limited, we have sourced the last metres available of this light, airy mid grey Fresco cloth from Harrisons of Edinburgh.

Crafted from a beautiful high twist merino wool, this openly woven cloth is a great alternative to traditional wool. It’s crisp, dry handle gives it an exceptional drape and it’s tightly woven fibres give it incredible crease resistance and durability. It is a great addition to the wardrobe as an alternative to a traditional grey business suit, a travel suit or even a summer jacket.

An Oscar Hunt suit constructed in this Fresco cloth would normally be priced at $1999. We present this fabric to clients as a special offer of $1499 for a tailored, two-piece suit. The offer is inclusive of all design features you choose, and all fittings necessary. This is a limited offer as we only have enough fabric to create 20 suits. 

Harrisons of Edinburgh mid grey Fresco

Available: 80 metres (20 suits)

Colour: Mid grey

Composition: 100% merino wool

Weight: 300g/10.5oz

If you are interested in purchasing an Oscar Limited suit, please request a fitting via the form, or call our showrooms in MelbourneSydney or Adelaide, using the details below.

As always, first in best dressed.