Steve's October Look - Classic Navy With A Twist

Navy wool suit, white shirt and blue/brown striped tie.

For October, I’ve decided on a suit that really pushes the boundaries - a plain navy twill. On the surface, it looks to be just another navy suit, but there are some subtleties that make it unique to my own style. I’ve chosen this suit for October as it’s a great business or casual option for the (hopefully) warmer months we have ahead of us in Melbourne. Choosing a wool suit for warm weather may sound odd, but I’ve balanced out the weight of the cloth by taking out all of the canvas, lining and structure of the jacket. This not only makes it better for the balmy Melbourne weather but also a lot more comfortable to wear day to day, which is something I look for in all of my clothing, not just casualwear.

To me, making a suit unique doesn’t mean loud checks, bold pinstripes (even though I have one) and other crazy patterns. I like to be more subtle and thought out than that. Variation and consideration for details such as pockets (which I have chosen patch), buttons (which I have chosen shell) and importantly the fit and drape of the cloth are some key things I think about when designing anything. This is how I like to make garments that are fundamentally ‘classic’, a little bit different.

For this specific look, I’ve paired the suit with something equally as daring; a white shirt. This made choosing a tie quite difficult, but I eventually landed on this beautiful brown/navy striped silk tie from Biagioo Santo, which complements the navy of the suit really well. In all seriousness - my ethos is to always make the suit the hero piece and pair back the accessories, which is exactly what I’ve done here.