Style Icons and Their Signature Looks: Inspiration for Contemporary Men

The greatest strength of made-to-measure men’s suits is also its greatest challenge; full customizability is terrific once you know what you want but landing on the vision can be tricky. And that’s where we come in. Here at Oscar Hunt, we’ve had experience helping thousands of clients land on a clear source of inspiration for their suit and whether it comes from trawling through look-books, magazines or even Instagram, the first place we recommend looking is towards style icons.


In this week’s instalment, we offer you references for both current and historic style icons that still exert an influence over contemporary men’s fashion.

The classics

When you hear ‘classic men’s style’ it’s hard to look past the great Fred Astaire. Inspired by the British school of tailoring, men’s fashion trends today continue to be inspired by this icon, particularly his athletic, relaxed approach to tailored garments. This came to life through slim cut jackets and looser trousers that were cropped just above the shoe.

One of Astaire’s other signature looks - particularly when rehearsing - was a knitted polo shirt paired with a wide legged tailored trouser, cinched at the waist with a handkerchief.

Today, it’s easy to see some of these same style cues cropping up, particularly the looser cut of trousers being contrasted with slimmer fitting shirts and tops.  

For more business focused dressing, look to Astaire’s focus on wider spread shirt collars paired with dark ties in small prints for a timeless yet inarguably stylish look.

The contemporaries

For a more recent style icon, we - like most people - have been enthralled by the rapid rise to sartorial stardom of Jacob Elordi. Following his roles in both Euphoria and the recently released Saltburn, Elordi’s style has been a compelling mixture of Y2K with more traditional tailoring.

His looks are at their best when they feature layering - think classic button down shirts over tanks paired with wide legged trousers and sneakers or even ultra wide, 70s inspired collars stretching over the jacket lapel.

Beyond the garment and cut, there’s also a lot to be said for the palette that Elordi is playing with. Featuring softer, muted colours, it signals style without being ostentatious and elevates the otherwise expected Summer hues you might usually turn to.

Finally, we’re also big fans of how these looks have been accessorised. The use of cross-body bags in particular adds a utilitarian bent to more traditional tailored looks while also adding an element of athleticism.

If you’re searching for where to find iconic menswear pieces, look no further. You can discover our full range - and hear from the team on who their personal style icons are - by swinging by a showroom today.