Stylish Caps for Casual Cool: Elevate Your Everyday Look With Oscar Hunt

Men’s caps aren’t the first accessory you think of when you hear tailoring. Trumped by ties, pocket squares and cufflinks, they’re an unexpected piece to pair with a jacket and trousers and that’s one of the many reasons that we here at Oscar Hunt can’t get enough of them. In fact, it’s also a large part of why we have launched our very own range.


This week, we’re giving you the rundown on the collection itself and how to wear it so you can take your tailored look to the next level.

The collection

 Defined by a classic sportswear silhouette, our range of Oscar Hunt caps are crafted from a soft, 100% cotton twill and designed to be lived in. Featuring signature brand embroidery and a stamped antique brass buckle, they balance character with versatility, purposefully designed to be paired with multiple styles and colours.

 And speaking of colours, the hat itself comes in three: brown, pale blue and ecru. Contrasted with orange or white stitching, the branding makes good use of our new typeface and logo while still maintaining a sense of subtlety and subdued elegance.

How to style them

 When it comes to wearing a cap, it obviously makes sense to start with the tried and tested: blue jeans, white tee and sneakers. Timeless, simple and relaxed, this is a look that feels universally flattering and is perfect for most weekend endeavours.

 But the use case for our hats doesn’t stop there. We’re big fans of a high-low aesthetic and nothing embodies this more perfectly than the contrast of a baseball cap and suit. Our go-to option from the current collection is pairing the Tobacco Baby Cord suit with a low buttoned cream shirt and a white singlet underneath. By losing the buttons on the shirt, you create a more relaxed aesthetic which then pairs superbly with the finishing touch; a cap.

 Our recommendation is to think about how the cap can contrast with the rest of the ensemble to ensure you don’t look monochrome from head to toe. In this instance, we would opt for the pale blue cap to break up the neutrals and browns in the rest of the look.

    Where to find the range

    If you’re keen to discover our range of caps for yourself, we invite you to swing by your local showroom and try one on for size today.