Suits with Character: Tailored Suits in Adelaide

So, let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: why choose a tailored suit in the first place? There are three key reasons which we’ll get to shortly, but it’s crucial to start by recognising the rich tailoring tradition that exists in Adelaide first.


Defined first by the iconic department stores of the 1900s like Foys, men’s style in South Australia’s capital has gone on quite the journey, redefined over time through the taste makers of the day, from Don Dunstan’s iconic tailored short shorts to the less flashy but no less chic casual suiting of today.


Here, we define exactly why investing in tailored suiting is a way of continuing the legacy as well as how you can select the perfect tailor for your needs.

Customisation and personalisation:

The first benefit of made-to-measure or custom tailoring is that it gives you a free reign on style, fabric and finishes. Whether you’re wanting a dinner jacket in a flamboyant brocade fabric or a linen blazer in a specific shade of sage, chances are you’ll be able to achieve it with a good tailor.

 In addition to artistic control, customisation also ensures that the finished garment is made to your precise specifications. This means there is no having to put up with jackets that are slightly too tight or trousers that are slightly too long.

Quality materials and fabrics:

Made-to-measure tailors are renowned for taking great pride in the fabrics that they offer to their clients and generally work with some of the best cloth manufacturers in the world. Beyond meaning that you have access to a unique range of potential colours and patterns, quality fabrics also generally last longer and wear better over time.

 A good tailor will also be able to recommend the best fabric for you based on how you’re planning to wear the garment. For example, if you’re purchasing a suit to wear to the office, they would likely recommend a sturdier fabric that will be able to endure the wear and tear of frequent use.

Tailored suits for every budget:

While tailored suits are generally more expensive than off-the-rack options, there is still a sliding scale of pricing options that are designed to suit multiple budgets. Here at Oscar Hunt, price is based purely on the fabric you select, starting from $999 for a suit.

 In the event that you do have a specific price range in mind, our team of experts are only too happy to help curate a selection of fabrics that falls within scope.

 To discover the best tailors in Adelaide, get in touch with the team or swing by our showroom today.