Summer Black-Tie Down Under: Mastering the Australian Formal Look

There’s nothing quite as chic - or as universally flattering - as a black tie suit. Timeless, elegant and the epitome of suave, it’s an outfit that has been around more or less unchanged for over a century. However, even the classics need to evolve sometimes and that’s particularly the case during an Australian Summer. Afterall, the heavy wool that was initially popularised in the UK and North America is hardly going to be the most appropriate fabric when it comes to black-tie outfits for Aussies.


Taking all of this into consideration, this week we’re diving into how you can execute stylish summer black-tie ensembles in Australia while keeping your cool.


Let’s get into it!

Fabric is everything

We’re starting with the fundamentals: fabric. A classic tuxedo is made from Barathea wool which historically used to weigh up to 450 grams per metre. While this made for a beautiful lustre and a highly durable surface, it also feels heavy on the wearer.


For Australian summer formal wear, our recommendation is to opt for a slightly lighter style in the form of either a finer weave of Barathea or a more contemporary fabrication like wool/mohair. These ultimately enhance the breathability of the cloth and also feel more lightweight on the wearer.


For high summer, you might even choose to go for an ultra light option such as a linen silk blend. This fabric has a beautiful texture and a much more open weave that allows for even greater ventilation. The watch out is that the cloth can look a little less formal and is best opted away from if you want a traditional style of tux.

A monochrome choice

In addition to fabric, the other choice you have is colour. Thanks to recent Australian evening wear trends, there’s a far broader range of options on the market, particularly for dinner jackets, running from the traditional black or inky navy to more flamboyant, patterned options.


At Oscar Hunt, we love a classic and suggest that the first tuxedo you buy should be one that you can wear time and time again. Over Summer, that typically means either black or ivory. Popularised in the tropics, a cream or ivory dinner jacket was worn to deflect heat and can be an elegant means of making a sartorial statement.

One shirt is good, two is even better

While it can feel like a hassle, we’d be hard pressed to find anyone who says that they regretted their decision to bring two dinner shirts to a formal event. Especially for grooms or those who have a public speaking engagement, having a fresh shirt to change into after the official part of an evening is over ensures that you continue to feel crisp and don’t end up with that slightly wilted look that so often afflicts those towards the end of the evening.

To discover a complete range of fashionable Summer black tie looks, swing by your local showroom today.