Tailored to Perfection: What You Need to Know About Achieving the Ideal Trouser Fit

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The first perk of made-to-measure trousers is that they are built to last. Our team of expert fitters can advise you on what fit will work best on your body as well as offering additions like silk saddles that can extend the life of your trousers.

In contrast to many off-the-rack options, you’re also not limited to buying trousers as part of a suit. This means no trade-offs between the jacket and the trousers from a fit perspective.

As trousers naturally experience more wear and tear than jackets do, we also offer the option of a second pair with your suit jacket so you can enjoy the full ensemble for years to come.


Measuring multiple points along the leg means you avoid that sensation of the fabric ‘grabbing’. This can often happen around the calves or thighs when you sit down and makes for a somewhat uncomfortable day at the office. Instead, our house style is designed to flatter and elongate the leg evenly.


Finally, from a style perspective, made-to-measure trousers will often create a far cleaner silhouette than a pair that have been altered to fit you. This is because they have been constructed specifically in line with your body shape.

In the event that you are wearing a full suit, they will also generally look more proportionate to the jacket as the entire ensemble will have been crafted simultaneously. This ultimately creates a more balanced fit.

In the event that you are looking for certain stylistic elements - whether it be a wider cuff, side tabs or a certain style of pocket - made-to-measure also caters to all of these at no additional cost. This essentially means you have a carte blanche when it comes to creating the perfect pair of trousers for you.

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