The art of bespoke design

Custom suiting represents not only a stylish means of dressing but also a true craft. Here, we explain some of the finer points of bespoke design as it relates to tailored suits. 

A blank canvas

In stark contrast to off-the-rack clothing, a made-to-measure garment represents a veritable carte blanche to play with. From the fabric to the colour to style specifics, all of these variables sit firmly in your hands. 

While this can sometimes be overwhelming, this is when it pays to have an expert in your corner. Our team at Oscar Hunt have collaborated in the creation of countless such suits - for weddings, work and everything in between - and will be able to provide you with guidance as and if needed.

Built to your specification

In addition to being able to create a garment based on your own style preferences, one of the other core benefits of custom suiting is that it is made to your individual measurements. This not only ensures that the suit fits but also that it’s optimized to flatter your overall silhouette. 

Whether it’s cutting a jacket slightly shorter in order to elongate the leg or tapering the trousers to make for a more streamlined effect, there are a myriad of different optical illusions that can be created through the deft use of some needle and thread. 

Made to move with you

One of the reasons an off-the-rack suit will usually wear out faster than its custom counterparts is due to uneven wear. This occurs when certain patches of fabric are straining against the body more firmly than others and can result in the cloth turning shiny or straining at the seam. 

Because a made-to-measure suit is built to your specifications, this is somewhat mitigated and will ideally result in a much longer wearing garment that, with proper care, should last for many seasons. 

To discover

If you’re interested in learning more about the craft of custom tailoring, visit a showroom today to talk with the team. We also feature open tailoring rooms where you can see some of our Master Tailors at work. 

Alternatively, if you’re inspired to create your own custom suit, make a booking today.