The Art of Tailoring: February 2023 Lookbook for Made-to-Measure Suits

Late last year, we launched our newest look book, This Australian Life.

A distillation of both our craft and deep appreciation for the Australian lifestyle, it focused on tailoring that can be worn in (almost) any situation and fabrics that diversify from the traditional core of pure wools and cottons.

Here, we’re honing in on one type of garment, profiling our top made-to-measure suits from the collection - alongside the team’s expert styling advice - to provide some extra detail on these unique pieces and help you curate the perfect February 2023 custom suit collection.

For business

While the pandemic threw off many of the shackles that came with a traditional corporate wardrobe, we still appreciate there are times when you need to up the ante at work.

Cue our navy chalk stripe double breasted suit.

A classic that adds that ounce of extra polish to any wardrobe, this is a piece that you’ll wear time and time again.

Worn to best effect with either a pale blue or white shirt and - if required - a warmer hued plain tie, the pattern will work to elongate the body while the double breasted structure is perfect for slim to medium builds as it will assist in visually broadening the shoulders.

For pleasure

Nothing says relaxed suiting quite like seersucker. A sturdy yet stylish cloth, it’s particularly suited to the Australian climate with high breathability and lightweight structure.

And, on a less serious note, this is also what makes it the perfect suit for long lunches and cocktail parties on balmy evenings.

Our blue and white seersucker single breasted suit adds an element of freshness to the wardrobe, injecting paler tones into the traditionally darker shades of a suit collection.

We like to style it with loafers and a plain white tee to really let the suit speak for itself.

For everything in between

For something that’s more universal in nature, there’s no surpassing our indigo twill single breasted suit. A virtual Swiss army knife of a garment, this garment’s versatility comes down to two things - colour and fabric.

Hovering somewhere between a classic navy and the paler blue you often see in sports coats, the indigo shade makes for a subtle statement that is just as easily at home in a boardroom as it is at a wedding.

From a fabric perspective, the ‘linen denim’ effect of this weave is slightly more textured looking than your usual super fines, making it feel appropriate for everyday wear and avoiding the shine that you sometimes find in pure wool suits.

Updating your suit collection?

If our latest lookbook for tailored suits has inspired you, give us a bell or pop by your showroom to have a chat and book a fitting. Our team would love to share the collection with you.