The Latest Wedding Suit Trends For 2023: Styles, Colours and Fabrics

Whether your big day is already on the horizon or you’re simply a man that likes to be prepared, we are delighted to share our consolidation of the key trends to know when it comes to wedding suits (both for this year and beyond.)

Without further ado, we give you the Oscar Hunt 2023 wedding edit.

Wedding suit styles for 2023

When it comes to styles of suiting, we generally err away from anything that’s too trend based. After all, a suit represents a significant investment and is ideally something that you want to be able to wear again. With this in mind, there are generally three - relatively timeless - style categories that we recommend.

The first is, of course, the tux. Classic, elegant and achingly cool, a dinner suit will hold you in good stead for both your big day and any major black-tie events you have that follow.

The second is the lounge suit. For weddings, this is a style that can be easily lifted out of the realm of ‘business attire’ with the addition of bright accessories like a pocket square or tie. It’s also a piece that you’ll be able to wear to most formal occasions - from cocktail parties to work functions.

And finally, the casual suit. Defined less by a specific style and more by its relaxed cut and nods to Neapolitan tailoring, this is a suit that lends itself particularly well to more relaxed nuptials and locations - think farms, beaches and tropical locales.

Wedding suit colours for 2023

While a dinner suit generally represents a fairly finite palette, lounge and casual suiting is where you get a little more wriggle room.

For a lounge suit, the tried and tested is navy. Universally flattering and striking against a crisp white shirt, this is a fail safe option for your big day and it also offers a relatively blank canvas for an injection of personality via accessories.

That said, if you’re feeling sartorially bold, you might choose to up the ante by opting for a patterned navy suit. Whether it’s a windowpane check or a pin stripe, this can be a great way of making your wedding day ensemble extra unique.

For casual suiting, we’ve recently been seeing a real move towards more neutral shades, from olive to sand or cream, these colours lend themselves beautifully to natural backdrops and a more relaxed take on wedding dressing.

Trending fabrics for wedding suits in 2023

In terms of fabrics, we generally start by thinking about both the style of your wedding and the likely weather. After all, there’s nothing worse than being trapped in a thick wool suit when it’s 35 degrees outside.

For winter weddings, we generally steer towards either a wool or mohair fabrication. Both drape beautifully against the body, have a slight sheen (giving a real sense of occasion) and regulate body temperature - which helps both if it’s chilly and if you’re warming up on the dance floor.

In Summer, while more formal suiting may still call for lighter wool blends, casual suiting is at its best in linen or linen silk blends that breathe with the wearer.

Whether you know exactly what you want to wear or you’re feeling a little daunted by the sheer number of options available, swing by a showroom today to talk with our team of experts.