The Tie Collection 2024: Building a Wardrobe of Timeless Essentials and Statement Pieces

At the outset of a new year, it’s a natural time to take stock. And while there are likely to be an infinite number of places to start - clearing out sock drawers, emptying your fridge, addressing an overflowing filing cabinet - we like to start somewhere that’s, well, more fun: a necktie review.


While not worn as commonly as they once were, any self-discerning man should have a basic collection of neckties for when the occasion beckons. Here, we provide you with the Oscar Hunt guide to building the perfect selection.

The essentials

 For those who are at the very beginning of their tie journey, there are some timeless styles that are going to hold you in good stead. At Oscar Hunt, we refer to them as the holy trinity: a plain coloured silk tie in a block colour (we like a pale blue), a subtle patterned silk tie (think stripes or dots) and, of course, a self-tie bow tie.

 The block tie is your foundation - easily paired with both plain and patterned suits. The reason that we recommend pale blue is that this will also pair well with both navy and grey suits. Indeed, a classic combination is a grey suit, pale blue tie, white shirt and black derby shoes.

 Meanwhile, the patterned tie can be an excellent way to add a touch more personality. You can also play with darker tones when there’s a pattern to offset it (for example, you might choose a navy and white dot tie to pair with a navy suit as the dots will break it up).

 Finally, a black satin bow tie is essential for those formal occasions that call for a tuxedo. If you’re nervous about figuring out the bow, swing by a showroom as the team are excellent trainers and will have you sorted in no time.

 The eye-catching

 While we’ve covered off those classic pieces that will be a wardrobe staple for years to come, we’ve not yet addressed the more sartorially bold end of the spectrum. And for those who are that way inclined, a necktie is the perfect piece to dial things up.

 For a statement, we’re great lovers of a paisley print. Undeniably festive, it’s the perfect pattern with which to break up a more formal two-piece suit and is particularly well suited to events - think cocktail parties. If you’re looking to pair it with a pocket square, our recommendation is to pick one of the colours from the tie and go for a block colour as this will ensure that the focus remains on the tie itself.

 Of course, prints aren’t the only way to make a sartorial splash. It’s also worth exploring different fabrics and weaves too. For more casual occasions - think Summer weddings - there’s no surpassing a knitted silk tie. Less formal than a traditional business tie, this style has a textured finish and generally makes for an elegantly imperfect knot that adds a relaxed air to your outfit.

Curating the right collection for you

While we’ve provided a loose guide, the perfect range of ties ultimately comes down to where you’re likely to wear them and what your own sense of style is like. To help build out a truly unique collection, we invite you to swing by a showroom to speak with our experts today.