The Top Trends in Tailored Business Suits for 2023

Timelessness is one of the stand out benefits of investing in a tailored business suit. When you buy a classic, it’s almost certain to hold you in good stead for a few seasons to come (if not longer).

However, that’s not to say that tailoring is totally immune to changes in trends. While it might not be as dramatic as the shift from flares to skinny jeans in the early 00s or the arrival of the shoulder pad in the 80s, suiting trends do provide opportunities for the sartorially bold to experiment.

Here, we unpack the biggest trends on our radar for 2023.

Navy Chalkstripe Double Breasted Suit - Oscar Hunt


If we had to find a silver lining from the pandemic, it’s the adoption of looser shapes and silhouettes that balance style with comfort. And no - we don’t mean track pants. Increasingly, we’re seeing softer shapes in jackets, marking a significant departure from the inverted-V shape that dominated tailored business suits for much of the past decade.

This relaxed tailoring is also extending to trousers where straight and loose legs are becoming more prominent. Possibly a symptom of suiting increasingly being adopted outside of corporate environments, this style looks equally at home with a tee-shirt and sneakers as it does with a button-down shirt and brogues.

Navy Twill Single Breasted Suit - Oscar Hunt


While navy and charcoal still reign supreme in the world of made-to-measure business suits,warmer neutral shades are starting to creep into the picture.

Whether it be cream trousers, or an olive two-piece suit, these are generally shades that can work as a double act, just as good in the office as they are at a party or an event.

When it comes to choosing the right shade for you, we recommend chatting with the team to find something that’s going to compliment your skin tone. Not quite as universally flattering as navy, your taupes, beiges and browns require some styling to get right.

Indigo Twill Single Breasted Suit - Oscar Hunt


In a similar vein to the relaxation and experimentation we’re seeing in both shape and shade, 2023 is set to be the year where non-traditional fabrics make their corporate debut.

Whether it’s the subtle added sheen in Solaro wool, the elegant wrinkle of a silk linen blend or the slightly coarse edge of a denim style cotton, there’s room to play with cloth that makes a statement.

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