Three ways to wear a dark navy suit

The cornerstone of the modern sartorialist’s tailoring collection, a navy suit is the epitome of versatility.

Equally at home all dressed up with a tie and pocket square for a cocktail soiree as it is for casual after work drinks with a shirt and sneakers, it’s a piece that will hold you in good stead for most occasions.

It’s for this very reason that styling a navy suit well is fairly easy. In contrast, it’s wearing a navy suit exceptionally that requires a more deft hand. And that’s where we come in.

Drawing on our extensive experience with this wardrobe mainstay, we’re providing the Oscar Hunt guide to wearing a navy blue suit and pulling it off in style. Away we go.

1. The navy suit as formalwear

Whether you’re planning to sport a navy suit to a wedding, gala or particularly swanky dinner, there are some foundational rules to live by. And the first is opting for a base of simple shirting. Call us sticklers for a classic, but we’re fully committed to the classic white shirt/navy suit combination. In the context of formalwear, the contrast creates a crispness that ultimately elevates your ensemble.

Next, accessories. From a tie perspective - and given this is an evening event and not a day in the office - we encourage experimentation with bolder shades or patterns. Tie and pocket square options in deep pinks, reds and oranges beautifully offset while also injecting personality. And remember, if you’re pairing a tie with a pocket square, the idea is for them to compliment - not match.

Finally, don’t forget shoes. For a formal occasion, there is no passing a well polished pair of black or dark brown derby shoes.

2. The navy suit as office staple

Universally loved by office workers, navy provides a slightly softer option in comparison to its close associates - black and charcoal - and injects additional warmth and personality into what can sometimes be quite sterile environments. The same principle should apply to the way in which you style the garment.

While you might be in a corporate setting, it’s no reason not to play with colour. Shirting with candy stripes in bold hues like pink, red, aqua and green add fun to your workday attire and look sensational when paired with a complimenting pocket square. For example, a green and white striped shirt with an emerald, paisley kerchief pair beautifully together and easily level up a standard navy suit.

The navy suit as casual attire

Increasingly common, a navy suit worn with a plain white tee is one of the unlikely suiting combinations that are rising to the fore in 2023. However, in order to pull off this look, it’s crucial to first consider the weight and construction of your suit.

Because tee-shirts are generally a somewhat flimsy garment, it’ll look odd if paired with a highly canvassed, heavy wool navy suit. Instead, look for softer, Neapolitan style tailoring in lighter fabrications like linen or cotton that can harmonise with the tee.

To top off the look, we recommend either opting for a suede Belgian loafer or a crisp white sneaker. The perfect balance of elegance and cool.

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