Why you should consider adding a versatile overcoat to your wardrobe

With the Easter break now over and a growing crispness in the air, there’s no alternative but to turn our attention to Winter wardrobes. And while for some the changing of the seasons might evoke a certain melancholy, there’s nothing to overcome it like a new investment piece.


Our pick of the season? A classic overcoat.


Timeless, elegant and undeniably dramatic, outerwear is the consummate finishing touch for any cool weather ensemble and, when picked right, it’s a piece that can be worn with pretty well everything. Here, we give you Oscar Hunt’s selections of the season.

Women’s Coats

One of the great evolutions in womenswear lately is the experimentation that we’re witnessing with volume and silhouettes. Whether it’s the juxtaposition of lush expanses of fabric against tightly sculpted bodices on the red carpet or the glorious return of wide legged jeans one thing is for certain: we’re increasingly interested in having some room to move.


So, what does that mean for the world of outer wear?


In short, bigger is better. Now, let us clarify. We’re not encouraging shapeless ill-fitting garments, rather it’s about investing in an overcoat that can proportionally offset the rest of your garment.

In terms of how we’d pull off this look, it’d be layering a double-breasted camel mid-length coat over a slim fit suit. The contrast of a more tailored women's jacket and trousers with the roomier coat creates a wonderful visual tension while still looking effortless and elegant.


The best part? That same coat looks just at home over jeans and a tee.


Men’s Overcoats


For a man’s winter coat we can’t go past a subtle pattern this season. Whether it’s a houndstooth or a herringbone, this creates a fantastic visual break - particularly when worn over a navy or charcoal suit - and adds a little extra to what can be the very flat and block coloured world of corporate dressing.


From a fit perspective, we suggest opting for something looser than you might have in previous seasons. This has the double benefit of easily fitting over most men’s jackets while also adding a sense of movement to the overall silhouette. Winter is all about comfort and an overcoat should be no exception.


In addition, a looser fit looks more at home over more casual attire. One of our favourite weekend looks at present is a mid-length coat over jeans, loafers and an Oxford button down. Classic, easy and undeniably cosy.

To find out more about how you can layer up this season, swing by your local showroom or give us a bell today.