Winter wedding attire decoded: tips for looking chic in the cold

The colder months don’t automatically inspire our greatest ensembles. All too often our focus veers to keeping out the elements and away from anything that might be elegant but ultimately uncomfortable.

Thankfully, this isn’t a trade-off that needs to be made with Oscar Hunt tailoring.

Equally as focused on comfort as we are style and quality, all of our garments are made with the Australian climate in mind, ensuring you stay cosy - or cool - as needed. And this is particularly the case when it comes to our range of wedding suits. After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on your big day.

Here, we explain the ins and outs of curating the perfect wedding suit for Winter.

Ideal fabrics for a Winter wedding

Depending on the theme of your nuptials, there is a broad range of potential fabric options you can explore.

For more casual weddings that call for either a blazer or a lounge suit, flannel makes for a tactile and elegant option that is also distinct from standard business suiting. Most popular in grey shades, this works well for day-time weddings and looks sensational when paired with pale blue accessories - a fitting colour palette for cooler months.

For more formal ceremonies where a tuxedo might be called for, there are two potential routes to explore.

The first is simply opting for a heavier weave of traditional dinner suit wool. In the Australian climate, this works well to keep you warm when you’re out and about while also providing sufficient breathability to moderate temperatures if you’re working up some heat on the dance floor.

For the sartorially bold, however, there’s no surpassing a velvet dinner suit or dinner jacket. Perfect for Winter and undeniably comfortable to wear, this makes for a unique take on the traditional black tie dress code while also adding a degree of warmth and movement to what can be quite a severe style.

How to stay cosy with layers

While the suit fabric itself is the most important element of Winter wedding dressing, it’s closely followed by the unique opportunity the season provides in terms of layers. And the garment that of course first springs to mind is the waist coat. Rarely worn in day-to-day suiting, a wedding provides the perfect occasion to introduce this piece and ensures that you’ll stand out on your big day.

Choosing the perfect finishing touches

Finally is of course the matter of accessories. When it comes to footwear, we generally advise opting for a more traditional shoe in Winter as this has the dual benefit of looking smart and being worn with socks, thereby ensuring you don’t lose any heat through your ankles.

In terms of other potential additions, while simplicity is key, if it’s particularly cold - and your personal style errs ever so slightly towards dandyism - we recommend a silk opera scarf. The epitome of elegance, this is a thin scarf that is generally worn tucked underneath the lapel of a dinner jacket, adding warmth without any bulk.

In the event you're planning a wedding in a cold climate, we encourage you to connect with your local showroom. Our team has experience with hundreds of big days and can help ensure you create a garment that is perfect for the weather - whatever it might be.