Weddings     Why tailored is better

A tailored wedding suit allows you to choose the exact look for your unique wedding theme. And while the style, fabric and colour are important, the real value of a made-to-measure suit is in its superior fit, longevity and comfort.


A tailored suit means a perfect fit

The fitting process for your made-to-measure wedding suit focuses on performance. When your suit fits your body perfectly, it feels comfortable all day.

Off-the-rack suits are made to fit average sizes. Even after alteration, an off-the-rack suit doesn't have the same level of detail as a made-to-measure suit.

But a personally tailored wedding suit will fit you and only you. A made-to-measure suit is made from the ground up to its owner's exact specifications. Your tailor will talk you through the suit cuts that will show off your features. This ensures you'll look your best on your wedding day and in your photos, which you will cherish for years to come.

A tailored wedding suit is an investment piece

Oscar Hunt uses premium Italian and English fabrics and exceptional quality construction. Your wedding suit is designed to last so you can wear it again and again.

A wedding dinner suit can be worn to other weddings and formal events. A wedding lounge suit can be dressed up for your wedding day, and dressed down for work. You could even wear your suit jacket as a blazer with jeans.

A tailored wedding suit is the ultimate in comfort

On your wedding day you should be relaxed and focused on your beautiful bride, not worrying about your attire. Whether you're getting married in the heat of summer or the chill of winter, your tailor will guide you through fabric selection to make sure you're comfortable all day.

Your tailor will take your measurements and craft a pattern for your unique fit. Your made-to-measure wedding suit will fit your shoulders perfectly and without bunching during your first dance. Your trousers will fit comfortably as you carve up the dance floor during the reception. A made-to-measure suit will never get in the way of a good time on your big day.

Oscar Hunt offers a no-obligation consultation for your wedding suit

We invite you and your fiancé for a 30 minute consultation to talk about your ideal wedding suit. Contact our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms for bookings

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