2024's Essential Made-to-Measure Trousers: A Guide to Personalised Style

All too often it’s the jacket that gets the lion’s share of attention in made to measure tailoring. And not without reason. Notoriously difficult to perfect and complex in construction, a jacket looks great when it’s done well and awful when it’s not.


Tailored trousers though… well they fly a little more under the radar.


This week, we’re here to challenge that, giving you our dedicated guide to custom-fit pants. Because while they’re not as prominent in the world of tailoring, when done well they make a significant impact to the overall silhouette and finish of an outfit.

Choosing the right style

When choosing a style of trousers, think about the use case first. Are you looking for pants that will answer the brief for ‘versatile business casual’? Or are you after a pair of occasional trousers for that special event?  


While it might feel arbitrary, answering these questions will help inform the options that our team of experts provide you with and ultimately ensure a better end result.


In addition to this, there are also tips and tricks that can be used to complement your unique build. For example, if you are on the shorter side, you may wish to err away from cuffs as these can truncate the leg, making them look shorter than they really are.


Similarly, if you have large glutes and thighs, you might opt for a slightly looser, straight cut as this will even out the proportions of the garment and ensure that the fabric doesn’t grip anywhere it shouldn’t.

Fabric selection

Once you’ve landed on style, it’s time to think about fabric. Again, how you plan on using the trousers is critical here as it’ll inform the weave of the fabric. If you’re looking for more everyday wear, we generally recommend a more coarse cloth as this will be more durable and withstand the pressure of frequent friction better than finer fabrics.


To extend wear even further, we also often recommend adding a silk saddle to the inner of your tailored trousers as this minimises the friction that can occur when your legs rub together as you walk.


Finally, colour is a truly subjective choice. However, if you’re looking for something versatile we have a holy trinity that we use as the foundation for any starter wardrobe: navy, tan and black. Classic and effortlessly stylish, these are colours that work just as easily dressed up as they do dressed down and will hold you in good stead for years to come.


In the event you want to go a step further and revitalise your entire professional wardrobe with custom tailoring, swing by your local showroom or give us a bell today.