Bespoke Suits Are The Pinnacle of Men's Fashion

When it comes to the world of suiting, it doesn’t get much better than the world of custom.

Representing the apex of skill, craft and sartorial tradition, made-to-measure suiting is quite literally a cut above the rest and once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll understand why.

For those considering taking the plunge, we at Oscar Hunt thought it was worth sharing just what it is that makes made-to-measure so special.

A one of a kind garment

The first thing to understand about custom suiting is that it’s exactly what it says on the tin; a garment constructed specifically to your specification.

As part of our process, we capture dozens of measurements unique to you in the initial fitting that are then used to construct the final piece. Similarly, we collaborate with our clients to reflect their sense of personal style too.

From the width of the cuff on your trousers to the style of the lapel, there are a multitude of stylistic options that make your garment unique to you.

And the result is that no two suits that leave our showrooms are ever the same.

A one of a kind experience

Of course, a one of a kind garment can only come to fruition via a one of a kind experience. Our team prioritises the enjoyment of our clients above all else and has carefully curated showroom spaces that are designed to stimulate creativity and facilitate relaxation.

During your appointment, you’ll be invited to indulge in a beverage from our complimentary bar and you’ll be able to see our in-house tailors hard at work on the showroom floor.

Similarly, our fitting rooms are a far cry from what you might expect in a normal retail space.
Instead, they are a roomy oasis for you to consider all the options at play.

To uncover for yourself why made-to-measure suiting represents the pinnacle of men’s fashion,
we invite you to visit a showroom today.