Demystifying Men’s Outerwear: Blazer vs. Casual Suit vs. Suit Jacket

While often treated interchangeably, there are some subtle differences between types of men’s tailored jackets that help to inform how and where they are worn. Here, we provide the Oscar Hunt guide, using some of our signature styles to illustrate the point.

The blazer:

Generally a blazer is sold as a separate (i.e. there won’t be a pair of matching trousers that can be purchased with it). And because this is the case, men’s blazer styles will often feature bolder textures, patterns and fabrics.

Case in point? Our men’s velvet blazer. Erring to the more formal end of the spectrum, this is a statement piece that we recommend pairing with a more muted shirt and trouser combination so as not to detract from the richness of the blazer fabric.

Of course, one of the other fantastic things about a blazer is its versatility. Easy to mix and match with different coloured trousers, it’s an easy way to change up your wardrobe again and again without having to buy a new piece every time.

The casual suit:

Unlike the blazer, casual suits for men are sold as matching trouser, jacket combinations and are generally defined by a more relaxed style of tailoring and lighter fabrications. This also naturally lends them to being styled in a casual fashion. For example, you might choose to wear this style of suit with a tee and sneakers versus the usual shirt and business shoes.

While a casual suit is, by definition, designed to be worn as a whole, many styles do lend themselves to being split up and worn as separates too. This is because they are generally cut a little shorter in the jacket and often feature stylistic additions like patch pockets that lend them to being easily paired with more relaxed bottoms - think chinos or even denim.

The suit jacket:

A business suit jacket is generally cut longer than a blazer or casual suit jacket and this is because it is intended to elongate the body by blending with matching trousers.

Take for example our mid-grey Fresco style of suit. You can see that this fully covers the wearer’s glutes and generally feels a bit more corporate and formal.

 Suit jackets are also usually marked by a slit or flap style of pocket which again stresses their more streamlined and polished nature.

 Whether you’re in the market for a blazer, casual suit or a business suit, we invite you to discover our full range today. To make an appointment, give us a bell or get in touch with your relevant showroom via email.