Elegant Autumn Weddings: Choosing the Perfect Tailored Suit for Your Special Day

Regardless of the season, choosing a wedding suit is a big decision. There are themes to consider, dress codes to adhere to and venue options to take into account. But here at Oscar Hunt, we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of the process and finding options that are suited not only to your big day but also to you.


Here, we give you our rundown on exactly what to take into account to pick the perfect Autumn wedding suit.

The basics: dress code & venue


A large part of the challenge when it comes to custom wedding suits is knowing where to begin. Our recommendation is to start with the foundations, and that’s in the form of a dress code. Knowing whether you’re opting for black-tie, formal, cocktail or something else entirely will help slim down the vast range of options available and ensure that the decision feels a little more manageable.


Another helpful clue for landing on the perfect bespoke wedding attire is knowing what the venue is. Components like whether or not the ceremony will be held outdoors or indoors can play a significant role in the finish of your garment. For example, with beach weddings, we often recommend a slightly more cropped length of trousers to ensure that the hem doesn’t get traipsed through sand.

Dressing for the season


Once you’re clear on the essentials, it’s time to turn to the season. Autumn in Australia can be quite fickle, balmy - dare we say hot - during the early months and then decidedly chilly by the time May rolls around. To navigate this, we often steer clients towards versatile, trans seasonal fabrics that look and feel good regardless of what end of the climate spectrum your big day falls on.


One such fabric that works extremely well for tailored wedding suits is wool. Capable of drawing moisture away from the body if you’re tearing it up on the dance floor yet also of keeping warmth in if it’s cooler outside, it’s a swiss army knife of tailored suiting that will hold you in good stead.

To match or stand out?


The final thing to consider is whether or not you’d like to align with your personalised wedding party or groomsmen’s suits. For most clients, the ambition is to have some points of difference from the rest of the group and this can be done as subtly (or unsubtly) as you like.


On one end of the spectrum is opting for a completely different colour. This can be particularly striking for black tie events if groomsmen are in black tuxedos and the groom opts for an ivory dinner jacket instead. Alternatively, you can also differentiate through finishing touches such as ties and boutonnieres.


Whatever way you go, the team at Oscar Hunt looks forward to guiding you through your Autumn wedding suit journey. And, in the event you’re keen to learn more, you can discover how made-to-measure suits can elevate wedding attire further right here in the Journal.