Essential considerations for tailoring a suit to fit an athletic physique

One of the key benefits of custom suits is that they can be constructed to fit pretty much any body type.


And while there are obvious candidates - those who are either too tall or short for off the rack - one of the body types that is a prime - yet very rarely mentioned - candidate for made-to-measure suits is an athletic physique.


While most casual attire has a degree of flexibility that allows clothes to stretch and contract as the body evolves, suiting has less room for error. A set of particularly prominent lats or bulky biceps can make all the difference in the look of a tailored suit.


With the gym an increasingly popular pursuit for Australian men, we thought it high time that we give you the Oscar Hunt lowdown on what to consider if you’re an athletic gentleman heading in for a fitting.


The first thing to think about when you’re creating a made to fit suit is the style that you’d like. For those who do lift weights and have a more pronounced chest, shoulders or back we generally recommend looking for a single-breasted silhouette as this will help to even out the look of the full suit and prevent you from appearing ‘top heavy’. For this same reason, we generally caution those with a more athletic physique away from double breasted jackets as these can create the illusion of an even broader torso.


In a similar vein, the width of a jacket lapel can also have a big impact on the overall look of your garment. At Oscar Hunt we generally advise for a middle weight width which is approximately three inches. This makes for a classic look that doesn’t artificially broaden you.


Closely tied to the style of custom made tailored suits is fit.


Naturally, all garments that leave an Oscar Hunt showroom ‘fit’ the wearer and this is because we take dozens of unique measurements to ensure that the finished piece is made to your exact specification.


However, beyond this foundation, there is the question of preference on how the wearer likes their suit to fit. For those who are more muscular, our recommendation is always to opt for a slim to classic cut. This will ensure that the fabric skims - rather than clings - to the body and also vastly improves the comfort of the wearer.


Resist the temptation to go too tight as while this might look fine when standing still, as soon as you move, the fabric will both strain at the seams and also grip to the wearer making for an unflattering overall silhouette.

In the event that you have questions around how to fit a tailored suit to your body, or other queries around the process or the price, our team is only too happy to assist. Give us a bell or swing by your local showroom at a time that’s convenient for you.

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