Exploring three stylish outfits with your custom-tailored club blazer

While it had been enjoying an increase in popularity prior to the pandemic, ever since, the blazer has truly skyrocketed in popularity as a manifestation of the perfect balance between casual and dressy.


Arguably one of the most versatile tailored garments, a made-to-measure Australian jacket is a true investment piece that will hold you in good stead for most occasions. But how? And with what? That’s where we come in with our recommendations on three ways to style a custom-tailored club blazer.

Let’s get into it!

The dressed up blazer


Say you’ve been invited to a slightly dressier occasion - a cocktail party for example. Look no further than your tailored jacket. We’d recommend starting by pairing the blazer coat with a pair of fine wool trousers in either a contrasting or complementary colour. For example, if you have a navy blazer you might choose to pair it with cream or beige coloured pants.


Once you’ve got these foundations sorted, turn your attention to shirting. We suggest a cotton twill variety in either classic white or a pale blue as this adds extra polish. From here, it’s simply a matter of adding a necktie and some lace up shoes. For the tie, a diagonal stripe or a subtle dot would be completely appropriate. For shoes, opt for a dark brown as black can look overly harsh against contrasting trouser and jacket combinations.

The dressed down blazer


For slightly less formal occasions like a work dinner or drinks, a fitted jacket is - yet again - your best friend. We’d suggest pairing it with a similar pair of trousers or chinos as mentioned in the previous example. However, from a fabric perspective you can afford to go for something slightly less polished like a washed cotton.


We’d suggest adding an open necked shirt in a blue and white stripe and finishing off the ensemble with a pair of tassel loafers. If you’re keen to inject a little more personality to this blazer suit, adding a pocket square with a pop of colour will invariably lift the outfit.  

The casual blazer


Finally, the blazer for more casual moments. For us, there’s simply no going past a blazer over the top of jeans and a tee-shirt. The contrast between the more casual items and jacket creates an appealing sense of tension in the outfit while also clearly signalling that the wearer has given thought to the overall ensemble.


We find that this works particularly well with blazers that have a pattern like houndstooth or check as these naturally skew a little less formal already and help to break up the block colours of a tee shirt and denim.


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