Fashion Tips For The Short Man

For those who skew on the shorter side, shopping for clothes can be a hassle. Shopping for suits? A near nightmare.

Thankfully, there’s a solution: made-to-measure suiting.

Besides providing a clothing solution that fits you and your body, made-to-measure can help play to your strengths by elongating the figure and creating the effect of a taller presence.

Here, we explain how.

Suits to your specification

One of the many benefits of made-to-measure or tailored suiting is the ability to customise sizing in line with your body shape and measurements. This ensures you’re not just ‘making do’ with the closest off the rack option but instead investing in a piece that is built specifically for

The Oscar Hunt experience starts with a one hour initial fitting where we work with you to capture dozens of unique measurements that are then fed into customised patterns. The result is sleeves that stop where they’re meant to, trousers that don’t balloon at the bottom and a
jacket that falls just below your glutes (but no lower).

In other words, a well-fitted garment that’s proportionate to your stature - whatever it may be.

The magic of good tailoring

Tailoring isn’t only about suits that fit well... it’s also about looking and feeling good.

For those who are shorter, there are several tips and tricks that can create the illusion of a taller silhouette and a more striking figure.

Number one is cutting the jacket a little shorter than we might usually. This has the effect ofelongating the legs whilst also ensuring that the torso is lifted and not drowning in too much

Similarly, we recommend avoiding trouser hems that are too cropped as these can cut off the leg and make for a more squat silhouette.

The magic of good tailoring

Depending on your size and preferences, our team of expert fitters are always on hand to provide recommendations as needed. To discover for yourself, make an appointment today.