From thread to seam: The methodical magic of suit construction

While to the naked eye, made-to-measure suits might look like relatively simple garments, in reality they are the result of complex construction techniques and craftsmanship that takes time, patience and a serious dedication to quality.

Here, we give you the lowdown on the specific stages of construction that go into a custom Oscar Hunt suit alongside sharing some of our very own tailoring tips and tricks.

Let’s get into it!

How suits are made

At Oscar Hunt, the suit making process begins by capturing dozens of our client’s measurements in a dedicated 45 minute fitting appointment. This allows the team to capture any nuance in size and fit that should be reflected in the finished garment.

From here, the measurements are matched up with a tailoring block. Think of this as the blueprint for your suit to which any amendments or customisations are added. This then provides a guide against which to cut the cloth for your garment. It’s at this stage in the process that we’ll also cut the lining fabric and begin construction of the half-canvas.

The half-canvas is quite literally the foundation of your jacket and sits in between the lining and the outer shell fabric, held in place by tiny stitches. Made from multiple layers - one of which is constructed from horse hair - the canvas gives a jacket structure and helps it mould to your body over time.

From here, the rest of the suit is pieced together and pressed before being sent to our suit showrooms for your first fitting.

The custom suit fitting process

Once the suit has arrived, the team will get in touch and invite you back in to try on the garment. It’s at this stage that we can make further tweaks to ensure that it’s an absolutely perfect fit. Examples include adjusting the hem of the trousers, taking in or letting out the jacket or giving you some more room around the waist.

It’s crucial at this stage that you flag any lingering doubts or concerns as, in most cases, our in-house tailor will be able to fix these with relative ease and we want to ensure that you walk away feeling nothing less than delighted with the finished product.

Suit Alterations

We’re the first to recognise that your body evolves over time and sometimes slight alterations are required to your suit to ensure that it continues to fit and feel good. In these cases, we always recommend that clients bring in their Oscar Hunt garments so that we can review and advise of any adjustments that may need to be made.

After all, we pride ourselves on constructing suits that last and often all it takes is the adjustment of a waist band or letting out the seam of a jacket to make all the difference.