How much do tailored suits cost in Adelaide?

As with many things, tailored suits in Adelaide are not all made equal and this is reflected in their cost. And while that instinctively makes sense, it doesn’t help when you’re trying to understand how much a tailored suit should cost.


To help clarify, the team at Oscar Hunt has compiled their list of the key things to consider when shopping for a new suit, alongside some clear price brackets that can help guide your decision.

The construction

One of the first things to ask when you’re trying to get the best deal on a tailored suit in Adelaide is to understand the construction. While you might pay more for a higher quality of tailoring, these garments invariably last far longer than their cheaper counterparts and, in that sense, offer you better bang for buck.


In particular, you’ll want to look at the jacket and ask whether it’s a fused or floating canvas. Many of the cheaper, ready to wear suits (think those that are under $500) that you see on a high street employ a method whereby the outer shell is glued to the lining. While this can look good for a wear or two, over time the fabric begins to bubble and it can also mean that the jacket isn’t all that breathable.


Higher quality ready to wear jackets and most made-to-measure suits will have a floating canvas which is held in place by hundreds of tiny stitches that allow the canvas to move with the wearer and mould to the body over time. In ready to wear, this type of construction starts from about $600.

The fabric

At Oscar Hunt Adelaide , the only factor that changes the cost of a tailored suit is the fabric itself. And this is simply because different fabrics cost different amounts to both craft and sell. For example, a hard wearing wool that you would use for an everyday office suit will be cheaper (starting at $999) than a fine silk-linen blend that you’d only use for a more occasional style of suit (which would sit closer to the $2000 mark).

The customizability

The final element to consider when looking at a tailored suit cost is the degree of customizability you are going to have. At Oscar Hunt, we pride ourselves on offering a virtual carte blanche in terms of the stylistic additions you may wish to add. Whether you’re keen to include a thick cuff on your trousers or a statement button to your jacket, all of it is included in the base price. What this ultimately means is that there are no nasty surprises when you check out.


Of course, in the event that you have a specific budget in mind, our team is only too happy to work to a brief, finding a tailoring solution in Adelaide that suits both you and your price range.