How much does a tailored suit cost in Brisbane?

When shopping for a tailored suit in Brisbane, one of the first questions you’re likely to find yourself asking is ‘just how much should I be paying?’ With significant variations between brands, establishing a clear benchmark can be tricky. That’s where we come in.


This week, we’re providing a no nonsense guide to help you understand what factors contribute most to the cost of a tailored suit in Brisbane alongside exactly how much you can expect to pay if you decide on Oscar Hunt. Let’s get into it.

Off-the-rack versus made-to-measure

In the Australian market, you’re likely to come across two types of suiting options: those that you can buy ready to wear in a shop and those that are made custom based on your unique measurements.

 Naturally, off-the-rack or ready to wear suits tend to skew cheaper than their made-to-measure counterparts thanks to being mass produced. In the local market you can get a good quality ready-to-wear suit from $600.

While there is nothing wrong with this kind of suit, it’s very rare to find one that fits you perfectly and substantial tailoring is often required which can ultimately bump up the final cost to be comparable to custom.

In contrast, a made-to-measure suit is what it says on the tin; created to not only your measurements but also your style preferences.

Fabric range and styling

The other key variable that feeds into a custom tailored suit’s cost is the ability to choose the fabric and finishing details of the garment.

At Oscar Hunt, the final cost is informed by one thing and that’s the fabric you choose. Naturally, more premium fabrics cost most to produce and therefore also cost more to buy. Conversely, any stylistic additions are included in the final cost - whether it be a specific style of pocket, waist tabs, cuffs etc. This is worth remembering if you’re thinking about making any tweaks to an off the rack suit with a tailor as these amendments can add up quickly.

The final cost

While we recognise that we’re never going to be the most affordable tailored suit in Brisbane, we do believe that we can lay claim to being the best value for money. Our made-to-measure suits start at $999 for foundation level fabrics and go up from there for more premium fabrics.


If you do have a specific budget in mind, our team is always happy to collaborate with you to provide the best options for you and your price range.