Introducing our latest collection of footwear for tailored suits: the perfect match for any occasion

While the old - and perhaps slightly outdated - adage goes that the suit makes the man, your choice of suit shoe comes pretty damn close. A subtle indicator of taste, refinement and quality, what you have on your feet plays a big part in the way your overall ensemble is perceived.

Here, we provide Oscar Hunt’s guide to picking the right option for you - regardless of the occasion.

How to choose the right footwear for your tailored suit?

The biggest determining factor in choosing the right kind of footwear is the occasion you’re dressing for. In the past five years, we’ve seen a proliferation of options when it comes to what you can potentially pair a suit with and it runs the full gamut from sneakers to a more traditional derby or brogue. However, not all of these options will be appropriate for every occasion so we’ve split it out by the following.


Whether you’re slipping on a lounge suit for an event that literally has ‘formal’ on the invitation or you’re dressing up for an important day in the office, both of these occasions are likely to call for a more traditional choice of shoe.

From our perspective, this inevitably points you in the direction of a classic leather Oxford either in black or dark brown. Fitting with most shades of formal suiting (i.e. charcoal, navy or black), these shoes are elegant without being showy and signify that you mean business.

That said, they are not the sole option. In the event that you’re looking to inject a little more sartorial oomph into your footwear, you might instead turn to a formal loafer like our Sanders Finchley Calf Tassel range. Still structured and in classic colours, they make for a marginally bolder look that tip toes the line between classic formality and dandyism.


When it comes to casual footwear that can be paired with a tailored suit, you’ve got a significantly bigger toolbox of options to play with.

A great place to start can be considering the weight and weave of the suit you’re wearing. If it’s slightly heavier and more utilitarian, you might consider footwear that matches, opting for a style like the Sanders Chukka boot. Classic without being stuffy, these pair just as easily with denim as they do with a flannel or tweed pair of trousers and they lend a rugged edge to your ensemble.

If you’re sporting something lighter, a finer more elegant shoe might be called for. We’re personally huge fans of our recently introduced Belgian style loafers from Baudoin & Lange that feature a streamlined silhouette and a low front making them the perfect pairing for cropped or lighter trousers.

Reconsidering your footwear options?

Having only just introduced our latest collection of footwear for tailored suits, the team couldn’t be more excited to share the range with you. Only available for purchase in our showrooms, we encourage you to drop in today to discover the collection for yourself.