Last Minute Gifting For The Men In Your Life

We’ve all been there before; that sudden, stomach-drop-inducing moment where you realise that you’ve failed (or forgotten) to find a Christmas gift for a special someone.

Never fear. The team at Oscar Hunt has you covered.

In spite of its size, the humble pocket square can make the biggest of differences when it comes to pulling together an ensemble. However, it can often fall to the wayside when buying larger ticket items - like a suit - and that’s what makes men's pocket squares the perfect stocking stuffer.

Here, we break down our offering by style to help you find the perfect gift in time for the holidays.

Last Minute Gifting For The Men In Your Life

The classicist

For those that favour a crisp, classic look there is no going past a plain white suit pocket square. Our preference is for cotton during the day, styled in a presidential fold. This pairs seamlessly with a white poplin shirt and a navy or a charcoal suit. It also offers a carte blanche for your choice of neck tie, not tying you down with fussy colours.

For evening wear, a slightly more sumptuous option is called for. In this instance, we turn to plain ivory silk. Not only does it add an additional level of polish to a dinner suit - it also creates nuance in an otherwise entirely monochrome ensemble.

The experimentalist

While a classic pocket square can go a long way, it doesn’t necessarily inject ‘fun’ into your suiting and this is where coloured and patterned pocket squares for men can go a long way.

For example, a red and white spotted silk pocket square can be an easy way to elevate a navy suit with an open necked pale blue shirt. In a similar vein, if you favour grey or charcoal suiting, a pale blue pocket square is an easy way to soften the overall aesthetic.

An easy way to choose a colour is by looking at what suits and shirt combinations they wear most often and then finding something that is complimentary. If in doubt, our team of experts can also lend a hand.

The dandy

For the flamboyantly inclined, you’ve got a licence to go all out. This means bolder prints like large scale geometrics or paisley in eclectic colours palettes. It also calls for experimentation with different fabrics though.

If they already have a few pocket squares in the collection, a less common cloth - like linen, for example - will be a welcome addition and perfect for the Summer months.


To discover our selection of pocket squares, visit a showroom today.