Mastering the Groom's Look: A Fabric Guide for Wedding Suits in Sydney

When shopping for a wedding suit in Sydney, there are a few key things that any groom or bride-to-be is likely to want to consider: the style of the suit, the colour and the fit. But one of the facets of choosing the perfect suit that often goes unnoticed - whether it’s a wedding tuxedo or something more casual - is the fabric itself. 

While it might feel like a secondary detail, choosing the right cloth is foundational to crafting a men’s or women’s wedding suit that not only looks sensational but that feels sensational too. 

Here, we dive into the top 3 things to factor in when considering fabrics so that your big day ensemble is pitch perfect.

1. Climate:


Whether you’re getting married during a sultry Sydney Summer, jetting off to a tropical locale or opting for a wintery wedding in the countryside, knowing the season helps to tighten the type of fabric that you’re likely to choose. 

While Australia’s climate is relatively moderate and you can get away with most fabrics year round, there are some that are better suited than others; particularly when it comes to special occasions where you want to look your best. 

So, where to begin? We generally advise that if you’re getting married in Summer or a more tropical location (think Queensland), you should opt for a fabric that has a slightly looser weave as this will maximise ventilation and allow your body to breathe throughout the day. This includes fabrics like linen, cotton and silk. If you’re getting married in Winter, wool or mohair is the perfect fabric. That’s because it has the dual benefit of keeping you warm during the cooler seasons while also drawing moisture away from your body when it’s hot. 

2. Dress code:


With the weather out of the way, the next thing to consider when it comes to wedding suits in Sydney is the dress code itself. For example if you have decided on black tie, this traditionally calls for a heavier Barathea cloth. This is a fabric that not only has an elegant drape but that also looks particularly lustrous making it fitting for this more formal style. 

Alternatively, if you’re having a more cocktail style of soiree, you may choose to lean into a more casual fabric like a seersucker or a linen cotton blend. 


We’d suggest adding an open necked shirt in a blue and white stripe and finishing off the ensemble with a pair of tassel loafers. If you’re keen to inject a little more personality to this blazer suit, adding a pocket square with a pop of colour will invariably lift the outfit.  

3. Personal preference:


Of course, finally, there’s also the matter of personal taste. Ultimately, one of the major benefits of a made-to-measure bride or groom suit in Sydney is that it’s customised both to your size and your preferences. And we’re firm believers that rules are there to be broken. That being the case, if there’s a certain fabric that catches your eye in the showroom, don’t hesitate to discuss it with the team. They’ll be able to guide you on how best to make it work with your overall vision. 

To discover the full Oscar Hunt wedding experience, we invite you to swing by your local showroom or give us a bell today.