Mastering Winter Style: The Complete Guide to the Perfect Winter Suit

While we might all be enjoying the dog days of Summer, there’s no denying that cooler weather is on the way. From darker mornings to the imminent start of footy season, the tells are there. But it’s not all gloom! In cheerier news, now is the perfect time to start preparing your accompanying seasonal wardrobe.

Here, we provide the definitive (ish) guide of what to look for in a tailored winter suit so that you can keep both warm and stylish in equal measure.


One of the silver linings to Australia’s relatively temperate climate is that it gives you license to experiment with a range of fabrics all year round. In Winter, outside of the tried and tested staples of wool and cashmere, you may also like to experiment with slightly thicker cloths such as tweed and flannel or, alternatively, play with transeasonal silk blends that can be layered under coats for additional warmth.

Besides being soft to the touch (and therefore extra comfortable), these fabrics can also inject some texture and personality into winter suiting. Tweed in particular will also often be flecked with brighter colours that provide contrast during these usually grey-heavy months.


One of the other benefits of a dip in the mercury is the profusion of styling options that suddenly present themselves. Whether it’s tucking a silk scarf between your shirt and suit jacket, perching a thick overcoat or trench over your shoulders or adding a pop of extra colour with a paisley pocket square, there are plenty of ways to take a classic suit and make it your own.

Here at Oscar Hunt, our preferred winter styling tip is to drape a sweater over the shoulders of your jacket. While this might feel somewhat arbitrary it makes a remarkable difference in terms of warmth and it also foregoes the need to squeeze a suit jacket on over a sweater which can result in a slightly lumpy fit

Curating your Winter wardrobe?

If you’re looking to stock up on a few essentials or doing a complete revamp, our team of expert fitters are on hand to help you design the perfect garments for you and your lifestyle. Visit a showroom or give the team a bell to tee up an appointment.