Oscar Hunt: Casual Jackets

Oscar Hunt is excited to present these four incredible jackets to you just in time for the holiday season. Perfect for a Christmas gift for a loved one (perhaps for yourself after a tricky 2020) or even as a casual option to start the new year. As has been done in the past we have purchased these fabrics in larger quantities and are therefore able to offer you these premium jackets at $350 off their normal retail price. As always, they are in very limited numbers.

Wei, our Creative Director, has crafted these casual jackets with your needs in mind. Easily paired with jeans and chinos and worn perfectly with casual shirts, polos or t-shirts (as seen in the photos), they are the ideal addition to your casual wardrobe and for enjoying in the warmer months. As Wei puts it: “Full of character and charisma, these should be worn in an uncomplicated way”.

To take advantage of this first-time offer please contact your local showroom.

This one is certainly not to be missed.