Spoil Mum This Mother’s Day: The Timeless Gift of a Tailored Suit

The hard truth is that most Mother’s Day gifts leave quite a bit to be desired… limp tulips, boxes of chocolates and scented candles - while they are gestures - don’t exactly scream effort or thought. And that’s why we’ve come up with a competitive alternative; an Oscar Hunt gift card.

With a dedicated offering in tailored suits for women, this is a gift that Mum won’t easily forget (plus, we’ll bet that it’ll undoubtedly position you as the favourite child for 12 months. Minimum.) Here, we get into the reasons why. 

A fully customisable present 

While a gift is lovely, it’s also a bit of a gamble for the giver. After all, knowing someone’s taste is tricky, particularly when it comes to clothes. But this is one of the major benefits of a tailored suit for women; it’s customizability. 

Everything from the fabric, to the fit, to finishing details like buttons is totally at the discretion of the customer which means Mum is destined to walk away with a gift that she is 100% happy with. Whether that means stocking up on professional women’s attire or creating a look that’s worthy of more formal events, the team will be able to concoct the perfect solution. 

A moment of connection 

Beyond offering custom-made suits for women, we also pride ourselves on creating intimate environments for friends and family to connect with each other throughout the fitting process. Oftentimes, clients will find that designing a garment works best when it is a collaborative endeavour, making it the perfect moment to bond. 

Having a second set of eyes not only helps to affirm the decisions you're making in the room but also forms a beautiful memory that can be shared for years to come.

An unforgettable experience 

Finally, the Oscar Hunt process is an experience in its own right. From the moment you enter a showroom you’ll be given a highly personalised service with one of our fitters taking the time to develop stylish suit ideas for Mother’s Day and beyond. 

All of this happens from the comfort of a dedicated fitting suite that is designed to make you and your loved ones as comfortable as possible with plenty of space to spread out and relax. 

In addition, we’re proud to offer an in-house bar featuring a range of signature wine, champagne, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic options which we invite our clients to enjoy during their appointment. 

If you’re keen to learn more about our range of women’s suiting more broadly or the Oscar Hunt gift card specifically, we invite you to swing by your local showroom or to give us a bell.