Suit colours to suit your skin tone

When it comes to men’s suiting, there’s a well established holy trinity of suits that form the
foundation of any collection; navy, grey and black. What’s less well-known though is that some
of these colours can be more flattering than others, depending on your skin tone.

To assist you in making the best possible choice when it comes to your next suit, we’ve
developed a fool-proof guide to ensure you’re looking your finest when you next step out in a
new acquisition.

Darker skin

For those with a darker complexion, navy and grey should be your go-tos. Providing a level of
contrast with your skin tone, they’ll make for a more striking look - particularly when paired with
the likes of a crisp white shirt.

What to avoid? Black. The risk here is that the lack of contrast between your skin and the cloth
can make for a lack of variation and overall a more two-dimensional aesthetic. In the event that
you don’t really have a choice (think black-tie) consider a contrasting dinner jacket such as our
dove grey velvet number.

For the sartorially bold, darker skin also looks sensational with more vibrant hues - think the
rusts and bottle greens that have been extremely popular for the past few seasons.