Suited for the sand: how to dress for a beach wedding

While once upon a time, weddings tended to take place in more formal venues - think churches, hotels or dedicated venue spaces - those conventions are changing. Increasingly, we’re seeing a shift towards more casual locales (and photogenic backgrounds) and while we’re about a destination wedding, it does raise questions regarding what wedding suit to wear.

This week, we explore one of the most common destinations - the beach - giving guidance on how to ensure you remain chic on the sand.  

Groom suits

For the man of the hour, your attire for a beach wedding is heavily dictated by one key thing: whether the ceremony is literally on the beach or whether the beach is simply in the background.

For the former, we tend to steer clients towards more casual styles of suiting - think beige or cream linen with a white or pale blue shirt - as this feels more in keeping with your natural surroundings. It also lends itself to a broader spectrum of footwear options. After all, you don’t want to be slipping over the dunes in a stiff pair of brogues.

Conversely, if your wedding is more beach adjacent, the options broaden significantly and are largely guided by the overall theme and dress code of your wedding. Our team has had experience crafting everything from tuxedos to lounge suits for seaside affairs. Regardless of the style, one key thing is consistent: a lighter style of fabric. Unlike suiting that you might wear for cooler weather functions, we aim to maximise both style and comfort and with many beach weddings taking place in warmer climates, breathability is a must.

Suiting for guests

If you’re attending a beach wedding as a guest, neutral is the name of the game (unless, of course, the dress code dictates otherwise). For dressier occasions, this generally means a suit in a beige or sage colour. In the event you need to wear a necktie, opt for a more casual option like a knitted or linen tie as this will look more in keeping with the open weave fabric of your suit.

For more casual dress codes, a blazer and chinos is the way to go. For the jacket in particular this can be an ideal opportunity to play with brighter colours or bolder patterns. One of our favourite combinations is a pale blue jacket paired with ivory trousers and either a plane white or blue and white striped shirt. Depending on the formality, this pairs sensationally with either loafers or low-top sneakers.

From a fabric perspective, think linens, cottons and seersuckers. These are Summer-y without being informal and will perfectly compliment the beachy surroundings. In the event you’re concerned about wrinkling the fabric - something that often arises with linen - consider a linen/silk blend. The addition of silk helps make the cloth more crease resistant and gives it a unique lustre.

To curate the perfect beach wedding ensemble, we invite you to book an appointment or give us a bell today.