Tailor talk: expressing your vision for the perfect wedding suit

Securing the perfect suit for your big day comes down to one crucial element. It’s not picking the right style or choosing the perfect fabric. No. While those are important, they come nowhere close to the importance of nailing the brief to your tailor.

This is what sets the vision and the course that you’ll go on ahead of your big day so making sure you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s is absolutely foundational. Here, we give our top tips for getting it right (and reaping the benefits).

How to communicate effectively with your tailor

In terms of communicating with your tailor, we have two golden rules: transparency and honesty.

Transparency wise, based on our extensive experience, it’s always better when we have the full picture of what you’re expecting and wanting from your big day. In practice, this means giving us all the details in terms of location, season, theme and dress-code alongside any personal likes and dislikes when it comes to tailoring.  

This ensures that your tailor has a really clear picture of what you want and can provide options and suggestions that are in line with that.

Second is honesty. While it might not feel immediately natural, it’s important that you share your opinion and feelings with us. If you don’t like an option, call it out as this will help your tailor to get a better sense of what you’re after. In a similar vein, during the fitting process, speak up if there’s a niggling worry or issue that you see in the garment. Chances are, it’ll be an easy fix and it’s much better for us to address early on than have it playing on your mind the day of the wedding.

The importance of getting the perfect fit

In being honest and transparent with your tailor, it ultimately ensures that you walk away with the perfect fit for you. Outside of the fit playing a large role in the overall aesthetic of your wedding suit, it’s also a big part of you feeling comfortable on your wedding day.

After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling a million bucks on the outside, but being really uncomfortable when you sit down because your pants are too tight. Plus, a good fit will also make you feel more confident which is a great way of overcoming any wedding day nerves.

Choosing the right colour and fabric for your wedding suit

Beyond the fit itself is the shade and cloth you select. As flagged at the outset, this is something that our team of expert fitters will be able to advise you on based on your briefing.

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules, we generally advise two things. The first is to make sure the fabric is suited to the season. That means no super heavy wools in the middle of summer and no flimsy linen in the cooler months. Second is to consider colour through the lens of how it’ll age. While we’re all about dabbling with bolder shades, you might not love hot pink quite as much in 10 years time when you’re looking back on the photos.

That said, it is ultimately a matter of personal preference and up to you on how you want to feel special.