Tailored for Two - Wedding Suiting for Grooms

When two men get married, it can pose somewhat of a sartorial dilemma. When it comes to wedding suits, do you match? Or do you do your own thing?

While the answer can be dependent on lots of factors - from venue, to dress code, to season - at the end of the day it comes down to both your sense of style as individuals and as a couple.

For some men, that might mean a classic tuxedo while for others it might be a more avant garde take on traditional suiting. Wherever you sit on that spectrum, our team is on hand to help as much (or as little) as needed.

And until that time, we’ve broken down the three key brackets of wedding suits for men that can be used as food for thought in the lead up to your big day.

His and His

If in doubt, matching groomsmen suits are a fail safe option and a timeless choice. Ideal for those who are similar in size and stature, it ensures that you are unmissable on the big day (plus, there’s no mistaking who the grooms are).

Our team often finds that matching is most impactful when kept simple. Choosing a classic black or dark navy dinner suit paired with a bow-tie and dress shoes offers up a great sense of occasion and - if we do say so ourselves - looks absolutely smashing in photos.

If you’re having an altogether more relaxed style of wedding, matching linen suits with an open necked shirt paired with a minimal boutonniere will create a striking look whilst staying grounded and true to the theme of your big day.

Opposites attract

As the old adage goes, opposites really do attract and that can often mean differing personal tastes in grooms suits. Does it create a problem though? Absolutely not! If anything, it can up the ante, creating visual contrast..

In these instances, our team sees the best effect when you fully commit to your respective ensembles and don’t try to meet somewhere in between. For example, if one groom is committing to a more unstructured suit in an olive tone and the other is committed to a more formal navy lounge suit, don’t try and find a middle ground when it comes to something like shoes. Instead, we’d recommend looking at a pair of sneakers and a pair of Derbys respectively.

At the end of the day, those that love you most as a couple will love you for the way you compliment each other with your respective attributes and the outfit you wear on your wedding day can be a fitting tribute to that.

Riffing on you

One of the more popular choices we see with same-sex weddings is alignment on style but difference in colour. This can be a great way to create stylistic continuity while still being able to inject individual personality.

Whether you choose to do jackets in different shades of velvet, a contrasting monochrome look with a black and a white tuxedo jacket or simply contrasting ties or bow ties, don’t underestimate how much licence you’ve got to play within a classic style.

Big day on the horizon?

Our team of experts have extensive experience, having collaborated with hundreds of couples in the lead up to their weddings. Why not pop in, have a chat and discover the perfect look for you?