The benefits of investing in a tailored suit for you wedding day

When it comes to your big day, there’s going to be some inevitable compromises that need to be made. Theming, venue, tableware - the list goes on (and on and on and on).

But there’s one thing that you absolutely shouldn’t have to budge on and that’s your suit.

While off the rack options might have their appeal, all too often they represent ‘making do’ versus ‘feeling perfect’. The solution? Tailored wedding suits.

Customised to your body and your taste, made-to-measure is a fool proof way of ensuring that your big day ensemble is nothing but the best. Here, we explain how.

A suit based on your brief

A made-to-measure wedding suit doesn’t start with trawling the racks to find something that might be ‘ok’. Instead, our fitters spend time getting to know you and understanding your vision for your wedding. From the location, to the theme and the dress code, we try to really get under the skin of this important event to provide the best recommendations possible.

From here, we workshop with you based on your brief (and your design sensibility) to narrow down the perfect style. Whether it’s a tuxedo or a more casual blazer/trouser combination, our team is on hand to ensure your look matches your big day.

What fabrics are best suited for a wedding suit?

After having landed on a style, we move to considering what fabric is going to work best. Outside of aesthetics, this is also heavily informed by the climate. After all, there’s nothing worse than standing in front of all your loved ones sweating from every pore because you’re in a heavy weight wool in 35 degree heat.

The other major consideration that we look to factor in is venue. For example, if you’re getting married on a beach in Queensland, we’re much more likely to steer you towards a lighter weight linen silk blend than we are a wool or mohair. In a similar vein, if we know that you’re planning for a black tie affair in a slick hotel but it’s going to be in the height of summer, we’ll recommend a darker fabric that still maintains breathability to ensure you can stay cool.

How does a tailored suit help to create a cohesive wedding party look?

Outside of the main event (you), made-to-measure is also a means of ensuring consistency across your entire wedding party. We fully recognise that bodies come in a glorious array of different sizes and proportions and this is unfortunately - often - where ready to wear falters.

After all, what’s the point in getting everyone to wear the same thing if one or two people aren’t quite matching?

In contrast, we focus on ensuring that everyone in your party looks (and more importantly, feels) great by comprehensively measuring the entire party and ensuring that there is sufficient time prior to the main event for any last minute alterations.

Feeling inspired?

We look forward to helping you celebrate your wedding in the best way possible. To explore our range, give us a bell to book an obligation free consultation today.