The best fabric choices for your winter wedding suit in Australia

One of the great advantages of living in Australia is that we’re graced with fairly pleasant weather for most of the year - even in the depths of Winter. And with minimal snow to contend with, you can get away with a fairly transeasonal wardrobe. But ‘getting away with’ isn’t quite the same as being comfortable and when it comes to your big day, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether you’re going to be a little on the chilly side.

With that in mind, the team at Oscar Hunt has curated their list of the wedding suit trends and fabrics that are most fitting for nuptials in cooler climates, ensuring that you’ll be both chic and cosy - whether you’re tying the knot outside of Geelong or in Gstaad.


A jack of all trades and a fail safe option, wool is the consummate year round choice for suiting. Perhaps most noteworthy for its active fibres that keep the body cool in Summer and warm in Winter, it’s a highly adaptable fabric that will hold you in good stead for most occasions.

When it comes to suitability for wedding suits, wool more than holds its own. Particularly when woven into a finer weave, wool can have a very fine texture that drapes beautifully and easily lends itself to more formal occasions.

In the event you’re searching for something particularly special for your big day, you may even wish to look for wool cashmere blends that add both warm and an extra layer of luxury to your ensemble.

It should be noted that the vast majority of formal Winter suiting will come in some variation of wool, including the quintessential tuxedo which is a timeless option for your big day.


If you’re opting for a slightly more casual affair that’s in a particularly cold climate, you need look no further than the tactile appeal of flannel. Defined by its soft, almost fuzzy texture, flannel is made from loosely woven medium weight cotton and has been a mainstay of Winter suiting since the 1950s.

While perhaps less of an obvious choice - particularly given its ties to rock ‘n’ roll via the flannel plaid shirt - the classic grey flannel suit can be an elegant choice of groom attire, especially when paired with pale blue accessories. This softens the overall look and makes for an appropriately winter hued palette.


For those looking to throw out the wedding suit rule book, tweed is for you. A highly textured fabric that’s often woven through with multiple colours, a tweed suit is especially distinctive and can be particularly fitting in the event you’re having a countryside wedding.

Originating in Scotland in the early 18th century, it’s a hard wearing fabric packed with personality and a sure fire way of packing a sartorial punch. To that end, wearing full tweed isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking to dip your toe in - versus taking the full plunge - you might consider a tweed statement blazer with a block coloured trouser.

A Winter wedding in the horizon?

While the above provides you with a guide, we recognise that there’s nothing quite like hearing it from an expert. If that rings true for you, swing by a showroom to meet with the team and get their point of view on the optimal fabric for you and your day.