The Groom’s Wedding Suit - The Most Logical Wedding Expense

With the average Australian wedding now costing a whopping $36,000, you’d be forgiven for attempting to tighten the purse strings wherever you can.

Cutting back on the sugared almonds? 2 courses instead of 3? Not inviting that second cousin you don’t really like? All forgivable. But one area where you shouldn’t skimp is the suit.

Unlike the flowers at your reception that won’t last past the bridal waltz, your wedding suit - if chosen well - can be a true investment piece. Here, we explain how.

The importance of getting it right the first time

When you shop for a groom’s wedding suit off the rack, you’ll generally need to factor in alterations. And while we have the utmost respect for our colleagues in the tailoring industry, not all are made equal.

In the event that you need to have your suit altered multiple times - think a hem that’s a little too short or a jacket that’s a little too long - you’re likely to compromise the composition of the fabric and the suit can often come out looking a little on the wonky side.

Cue made-to-measure. With this route, you’re guaranteed a garment that has been constructed to your exact specifications, taking the hassle (and a lot of the stress) out of your big day.

At Oscar Hunt, we take dozens of measurements in your initial fitting to ensure that the fit is perfect and that you’ve got space to move. After all, that reception dance floor won’t start itself.

An investment in your wardrobe

Because made-to-measure wedding suits for men are not only created to your size but also to your stylistic preferences, they can also easily become a piece you wear time and time again.

Many of the grooms we work with here at Oscar Hunt will use their wedding suit by splitting it into separates (depending on the formality of the garment) or by wearing it to other special events on the social calendar.

We’re big advocates of capsule wardrobes that can be mixed and matched to accommodate your lifestyle and our wedding suits are no exception.

To discover more about the Oscar Hunt wedding experience, give us a call or visit your local showroom today.