The impact of body positivity and inclusivity on made-to-measure suiting for women

The shift from ‘wanting a body you love’ to ‘loving the body you have’ has (and continues to be) a particularly fraught one. In clothing specifically, all too often it’s been exacerbated by limited off the rack sizing ranges and silhouettes that are suited to an incredibly small range of body shapes.

And that’s where made-to-measure suits for women come in.

Here at Oscar Hunt, we are firm believers that you should feel fabulous in your clothes, regardless of what shape, height or size you are. And it’s in recognition of this belief that we’ve compiled a list of the key benefits of made-to-measure garments for any size.

Constructed for your body

The clue is in the name: made-to-measure is completely unique to you and your shape. This ensures you don’t need to compromise on fit and can instead craft a piece that compliments you.

In an initial fitting with Oscar Hunt, our team of expert fitters take dozens of measurements to ensure that you walk away with a garment that’s tailored to your specifications.

What’s more, our team is always happy to consult on how you might optimise the garment to best compliment you. For example, those who are shorter might prefer a slightly more cropped style of jacket as this helps to elongate the legs and creates the illusion of height. Similarly, those that have a shorter torso but longer legs might opt for a long-line jacket to balance out the proportions of your figure.

Styled to your taste

In addition to the functional aspect of sizing, made-to-measure also offers up a carte blanche in terms of styling. This means that your garment can be customised to your personal taste so there’s no more having to make do with colours and patterns that aren’t quite right.

At Oscar Hunt, on top of offering a broad selection of fabrics specifically selected for the Australian climate, we also include any stylistic elements as part of the base price of your garment. This allows you to truly personalise the piece - whether it be opting for a wider cuff, choosing to forsake trouser pockets or opting for a slightly broader lapel, these are all finishing touches that you can help to inform.

Inspired to craft a garment on your terms?

Whether it’s your first piece with us or your 20th, we look forward to welcoming you into one of our showrooms to help design a garment that suits you and your body in every aspect.

To book a fitting, drop us a line or give us a bell today.