The Oscar Limited VI: Our Most Ambitious One Yet!

The Oscar Limited is a series of one time unique offers for Oscar Hunt garments constructed using our premium fabrics. For this edition of the Oscar Limited, we have sourced the last metres available of this light, textured, latte brown cloth from the luxury mill Dormeuil.

Crafted from a stunning worsted wool and cotton blend, this textured cloth is a casual staple and an excellent piece for working from home. The jacket is flexible with colour pairing and can be worn all year round. Worn easily with cotton chinos and a t-shirt, as well as more formal options, the relaxed jersey weave and light structure (soft tailoring) make it stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for the perfect casual jacket, then look no further.

An Oscar Hunt jacket using this cloth cloth would normally be priced at $1699. We present this fabric to clients as a special offer of $999 for a tailored, casual jacket. The offer is inclusive of all design features you choose, and all fittings necessary. This is a limited offer as we only have enough fabric to create 30 jackets.


Dormeuil latte brown D Philosophy

Available: 60 metres (30 Jackets)

Colour: Latte brown

Composition: 58% worsted wool / 42% cotton

Weight: 255g / 9oz

If you are interested in purchasing an Oscar Limited jacket, please request a fitting via the form below.

As always, first in best dressed.